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Report for Clinical Trial NCT01299337

Developed by Shray Alag, 2019.
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Acceleration and Relapse Prevention With Triiodothyronine (T3) as an Adjunct to Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

The purpose of this study is: - To evaluate liothyronine (Cytomel) as an accelerating agent (i.e. faster rate to clinical remission) to electroconvulsive therapy. - To evaluate whether thyroid supplement acceleration can reduce the neurocognitive side effect of ECT treatment. - To evaluate whether thyroid status at the time of remission is associated with subsequent relapse rate. - To evaluate genetic polymorphisms in enzymes responsible for thyroid metabolism and the serotonin transporter promoter gene in depression (5-HTTLRP).

NCT01299337 Depression

1 Interventions

Name: T3

Description: Given each day of ECT treatment 25 mg for the first 5 days increasing to 50 mg for the duration of treatment.

Type: Drug


Primary Outcomes

Measure: To determine if people get better faster and stay better longer using T3 as adjunct to ECT.

Time: Phase A and Phase B

Time Perspective: Retrospective


There is one SNP


1 C785T

The DI-C785T allele will be associated with lower T3 levels at baseline and faster treatment response. --- C785T ---

HPO Nodes