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Report for Clinical Trial NCT00000912

Developed by Shray Alag, 2019.
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A Phase II, Randomized Trial of Amprenavir as Part of Dual Protease Inhibitor Regimens (Placebo-Controlled) in Combination With Abacavir, Efavirenz, and Adefovir Dipivoxil Versus Amprenavir Alone in HIV-Infected Subjects With Prior Exposure to Approved Protease Inhibitors and Loss of Virologic Suppression as Reflected by a Plasma HIV-1 RNA Concentration >= 1,000 Copies/ml

The purpose of this study is to compare 4 different combinations of anti-HIV drugs and to determine the number of people whose HIV blood levels decrease to 200 copies/ml or less while on the treatment. This study evaluates the safety of these drug combinations, which include an experimental protease inhibitor (PI), amprenavir. Despite the success that many patients have had with PI treatment regimens, there is still a possibility that patients receiving PIs may continue to have high HIV blood levels. Because of this possibility, alternative drug combinations containing PIs are being studied. It appears that amprenavir, when taken with 3 or 4 other anti-HIV drugs, may be effective in patients with prior PI treatment experience.

NCT00000912 HIV Infections
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8 Interventions

Name: Indinavir sulfate

Type: Drug

Name: Abacavir sulfate

Type: Drug

Name: Amprenavir

Type: Drug

Name: Nelfinavir mesylate

Type: Drug

Name: Efavirenz

Type: Drug

Name: Levocarnitine

Type: Drug

Name: Adefovir dipivoxil

Type: Drug

Name: Saquinavir

Type: Drug

Purpose: Treatment

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1 I50V

Amprenavir (APV) is an attractive candidate to investigate as part of salvage regimens because: 1) it has substantial antiretroviral activity; 2) there are preliminary in vitro and in vivo data that suggest that resistance to this agent may be mediated in part by a unique mutation (I50V); and 3) its cross-resistance profile to the approved PIs is uncertain. --- I50V ---

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