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Report for Mutation G1314A

Developed by Shray Alag, 2019.
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Clinical Trials

1 Association of Uremic Toxins and Sacropenia in Hemodialysis Patients

Background. In advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD), multiple metabolic and nutritional abnormalities may contribute to the impairment of skeletal muscle mass and function thus predisposing patients to the condition of sarcopenia. Herein, we aim to investigate the association of uremic toxins and sacropenia. In addition, the prevalence and mortality predictive power of sarcopenia, defined by different methods, in a cohort of hemodialysis patients. Methods. We plan to evaluate 300 HD patients. Sarcopenia was defined as reduced muscle function assessed by handgrip strength (HGS <30th percentile of a population-based reference adjusted for sex and age) plus diminished muscle mass assessed by different methods: (i) midarm muscle circumference (MAMC) <90% of reference value (A), (ii) muscle wasting by DEXA (B) and (iii) reduced skeletal muscle mass index (<10.76 kg/m² men; <6.76 kg/m² women) estimated by bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) (C). Serum levels of 3 established uremic toxins such as indoxyl sulfate, p-cresol and hippuric acid will be measured. Besides, various relevant inflammatory markers will also be assessed. Patients will be followed for up to 3 years for all-cause mortality.

NCT03060590 Sarcopenia
MeSH: Sarcopenia

We quantified the analytes by using the analyte to standard peak area ratio on a Agilent 1100 High Performance Fluorescence detector G1321A and Agilent 1100 Series UV-Visible detectors G1314A. --- G1321A --- --- G1314A ---

Primary Outcomes

Description: To evaluate the association of sacropenia defined according to 1. Low muscle mass 2. Low muscle strength 3. Low physical performance and serum levels of some uremic toxins such as indoxyl sulfate, p-cresol and hippuric acid will be measured.

Measure: Presence of Sarcopenia

Time: 3 years

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